Social Media Program

Traditional marketing is all about STRATEGY. And the same rules apply to social media marketing. It’s not just about having a Facebook page or Twitter account… it’s about using social media to connect to prospects and build relationships. Elkman is the only full-service marketing agency that offers extensive social media campaigns that include the creation, management and uploading of files, as well as daily maintenance, tracking, networking, and more. All for a ridiculously low monthly payment. We constantly monitor shifts in this ever-evolving medium, and we can make it work for businesses of any size. We make it our goal to exceed your expectations every single day, so you are assured that your social media needs are COMPLETELY taken care of.

All programs include: Clearly defined goals, Monthly strategy and calendar, Streamlined social media platforms & website (icons and Facebook tabs), Weekly recommendations, Ongoing communication with team, $500 set up / $750 monthly fee

    Facebook Marketing
  • Account set up
  • Monthly goals, strategy and calendar
  • Daily posting and maintenance
    Youtube Marketing
  • Account set up
  • Video Concepts
  • Video posting and maintenance
    Twitter Marketing
  • Account set up
  • Daily posting
  • SEO integration
    Blogger Marketing
  • Account set up
  • Blog topics
  • Posting and maintenance
  • Account set up
  • Creation and maintenance of boards
  • Pinning from company website
  • Repinning photos from relevant websites
  • Account set up
  • Account maintenance and updates
  • Periodic posting of articles, blogs, etc.
social media info graphic